Mercy Care for the Adirondacks
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The Need

We are responding to the emergent need to address in a holistic manner the health education, spiritual, and friendship needs of elders living in their own homes. Mercy Care provides on a non-denominational basis the benefits of friendship, companionship, assistance, and spiritual care which is not or cannot be adequately provided by family or friends.

In the past elders were cared for by family members who continued to live with them in their family home. Although caregiving by family members continues to be the most common form of caregiving of elders, several societal trends have made its implementation more difficult. This is particularly the case in the Adirondacks where a high portion of the younger generation have been moving away for education and career, leaving their parents behind.


Mercy Care for the Adirondacks is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.  As a sponsored ministry, Mercy Care is governed by a local Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for developing Mercy Care's strategic, annual program and budget plans, and attracting the friends and resources to carry out Mercy Care's mission to enhance the fullness of life of elders living in their community.

(L to R) Jack McGill, Fr. John Yonkovig, Judy Meagher, Mel Eisinger, Mary Welch, Jamie Whidden, Frank Lescinsky (retired), Paul O'Leary, Art Devlin, Sr. Camillus O'Keefe, Sr. Denise Wilke, Jerry Hayes, Susan Sweeney (retired), David Aldrich (Missing: Paul Reiss, Ann Cantwell)

What’s Around the Corner?

With the rapidly-changing health care environment, the significant increase in the aging population in the Adirondacks, and the uncertainties of government programs, at each Board meeting Directors take time to think about what is ahead. As one outcome of this effort, Mercy Care launched the Home Health Aide Crisis Campaign in the Adirondacks with our collaborating partners, New York StateWide Senior Action Council and Franklin County Office for the Aging. More than 100 organization members throughout New York State have joined our coalition to advocate for more adequate, available, accessible, and affordable home health care.

The Board is also focusing on the “Economic Case for Aging-friendly Communities.” It was the topic of Mercy Care’s November 2017 Educational Forum at Paul Smith’s College. Governor Cuomo, in his 2018 State of the State Address, set a goal for New York to become the first Age Friendly state for people of all ages.

- Age friendly communities are healthy communities, making healthy lifestyle choices easy and accessible for all community members.

- Age friendly communities address 8 domains of livability defined by the World Health Organization and AARP.