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Growing Need

Elders in our communities will need our love and help more than ever over the next years. The unique caregiving needs elders living in the Adirondacks experience such as long distances from services, cold and severe winters, and lack of adequate home and community based services will be amplified, as the aging population grows and government resources diminish.


Aged Dependency Ratio

Ratio of persons aged 18 to 59 years to persons aged 60 years and over

Aged Dependency Ratio 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040
New York State 2.793 2.4822 2.2458 2.1321 2.1063 2.0734
Essex County 1.925 1.6282 1.4061 1.3094 1.2834 1.2673
Franklin County 2.781 2.3599 2.0648 1.9641 1.9807 2.0094

Fewer family member caregivers will be available than in the past—especially here in the Adirondacks where a high portion of the younger generation has been moving away for education and career, leaving their parents behind.

Because creating more Aging-Friendly Communities for people to age in place more successfully requires broader objectives to carry on the long-term, on-going process of assessment, engagement, and collaboration, Mercy Care serves as a catalyst and facilitator of the Tri-Lakes Aging in Place Task Force and The Caregiving Working Group of Essex and Franklin Counties.

Communities need to better plan and develop the services to be good places to live for people of all ages.

Mercy Care and its collaborating partners have developed two Community Empowerment Action Plans:

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