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Home Care Campaign

“Lack of home health aides leads to united stance among elder-care advocates”
- Plattsburgh Press Republican


  • Growing Need: The current population of New Yorkers age 65 and older is estimated at over 2.9 million and is expected to approach 4.4 million by the year 2040. (NYS Office for the Aging data, County Data Book).
  • Inadequate Home Health Aide Services: Both the Medicaid and Non-Medicaid populations are underserved . Regardless of a person’s income, there simply are not adequate home health aide services available to provide care to those who need it and are authorized to receive it.
    • Example: Between January and August 2015, the major provider of home care assistance in Essex and Franklin Counties in the Adirondacks had 6500 hours of unfilled but authorized hours of care.
  • Consequences of Insufficient home care workforce:
    • Elders face delayed discharge from hospital or require costlier institutionalization rather than preferred (and less expensive services at home)
  • Decreasing numbers of available informal caregivers will increase the demand for home care.
  • The human dignity of all persons requires that they receive care when it is needed, regardless of payer.
  • Tell a story of an elder needing home care who is not receiving it because it is not available.


  • Raise awareness about the inadequate home care services in New York State and seek solutions to provide accessible, affordable, and available home health care for people who need it in NYS.
  • Raise Public Awareness about the “Age Wave” coming
  • Seek more qualified home health care workers
  • Improve the quality of the home health delivery system in NYS
  • Improve the quality of life of elders who access home care

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