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Who We Are


Hannah Pelletieri, Program Director, Mission Extension, 518.523.5681 - call Hannah about the nuts and bolts of our Mission Extension project or write her at  

Sarah Kane, Elder Care Manager, 518.523.5585 - call Sarah if you would like to utilize Mercy Care's services or write her at  

Sister Catherine Cummings, RSM, Mission Director, 518.523.5582 - call Sr. Catherine about our Parish Nurse Program and all things spiritual or write her at  

Donna Beal, Executive Director, 518.523.5581 - call Donna with questions about Mercy Care's mission, grants, fundraising, press releases, etc. or write her at

Not pictured:

Lexi Bevilacqua, Education and Volunteer Training Manager, 518.523.5446 - call Lexi if you are interested in becoming a Friendship Volunteer or have questions about our Educational Forums.

Stacey LaMountain, Development, Finance and Systems Manager, 518.523.5583 - call Stacey regarding any office management matters. You may also write her at  

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